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Sitting on Balcony
South China Morning Post

How the fifth wave of Covid-19 infections has affected Hongkongers’ mental health

Mental health organisations have reported an increase in calls for help under social-distancing rules.

The Wall Street Journal

Doctor feels caught between parents’ fears and his profession’s call to serve

 A young Singaporean doctor spends time in quarantine.

The Wall Street Journal

In divided Hong Kong, apps help to avoid eating with the enemy

Color-coded maps steer protesters to friendly establishments. 

South China Morning Post

Reddit-like forum LIHKG: the leading platform for Hong Kong protests

 How did LIHKG become the go-to forum for Hong Kong’s protesters? 

Protest economy_edited.jpg
South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s core industries hammered by anti-government protest crisis

Effects felt across the tourism, aviation and retail sectors.

book fair_edited.jpg
South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s annual book fair blasts off with science fiction theme 

What are the best reads from at the world's biggest book fair?

The Young Reporter

HK police inciting "white terror" among student journalists and leaders

Arrests of student leaders and  reporters spark controversies

The Young Reporter

Women drive border trade between Rwanda and Congo

Small-scale female traders cross the border to do business.

The Young Reporter

The influence of Russian migrants in Hong Kong

Russian immigrants and their impact on food and culture.

The Young Reporter

Beyond the flair of Hong Kong's streetwear

Expensive streetwear has surged in popularity among young people.

HYPE Magazine

Laneway Festival 2016: Asian Musical Persuasion

Feature piece on four bands performing in Laneway festival.

The UrbanWire

Inside Out reveals how the mind works, Pixar style.

Movie review on Pixar film

"Inside Out"


Greyson Chance on his rebranding and the US elections

Feature with American pop star Greyson Chance.

Truck Driving On Highway
South China Morning Post

‘Life is unbearable’: Hong Kong cross-border truck drivers endure mainland China’s tightened pandemic restrictions 

As omicron infections surge, drivers are forced to quit and endure long separations from families.

june 9 1 year.jpeg
The Wall Street Journal

A year on, Hong Kong protesters defy crackdown to keep movement alive

Demonstration marks anniversary of million-person rally.

The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong politician attacked, as violent protests continue

A District Councilor had part of his left ear bitten off in a brutal attack.

international students_edited.jpg
South China Morning Post

Fear grips Hong Kong’s international students over Hong Kong protests

International students say they don’t want to be caught in crossfire

MTR uncooperation_edited.jpg
South China Morning Post

HK protesters cause rush hour chaos as they block main MTR rail line 

Protesters block doors and press emergency buttons at Admiralty.

South China Morning Post

Top scorers for International Baccalaureate exams drops

Top scorers drops to 34 from last year’s 38.

The Young Reporter

Is Hong Kong a safe place for men to crossdress?

Small-scale female traders cross the border to do business.

The Young Reporter

25 years later: Rwanda learns to teach about genocide

Young Rwandans come into terms with their dark history.

The Young Reporter

Free speech on Facebook under threat in Hong Kong

Censorship has worsened 4 years after the Umbrella Movement.

Rice Media

Explaining the unbelievable popularity of Xavier Lur

Profile piece about a Singaporean influencer famous on Twitter.

HYPE Magazine

Songhoy Blues: Exiles for the love of western music

Profile peace about a folk band from Mali.

The UrbanWire

Farrago: The international local band from Singapore

Profile piece about a local 

indie-rock band.


Charlie Lim’s debut MV takes on a whole new level, literally

Review of Singaporean singer Charlie Lim's music video.

Hong Kong Skyline
South China Morning Post

Migrant workers’ groups slam HK government for excluding domestic helpers' consumption vouchers

Unions had appealed to authorities to provide more financial aid to helpers since the pandemic.

coronavirus lull.jpeg
The Wall Street Journal

China takes harder line on Hong Kong amid coronavirus protest lull

HK protesters plan to return to the streets as COVID19 cases drop.


How the protests are changing Hong Kong couples’ relationships

Couples share how the protests have affected their love lives.

South China Morning Post

Tech-savvy youth turn to memes to punctuate extradition bill protests

The impact of memes in the extradition bill movement.

South China Morning Post

Anti-government protesters severely disrupt Hong Kong International Airport

Confrontations between travellers and protesters blocking their path.

South China Morning Post

Chinese language barrier for Hong Kong’s ethnic minority students

Less university opportunities for non-Chinese speaking minorities.

Colorful Coins
The Young Reporter

Investors unfazed over grey areas of Bitcoin regulation

 Public advised not to invest in Bitcoin unless they know the risks.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper
The Young Reporter

 Tax reduction and financial relief 
measures not to be compromised 

News piece and data journalism for HK budget 19/20.

The Young Reporter

A playground for kids,
designed by kids

Children get to redesign conventional playgrounds.

Rice Media

An Open Letter to a First-time

Home Owner

Opinion piece on home buying from a third person perspective.

HYPE Magazine

Striking poses at soaring heights

Feature piece on youth influencers who engage in daredevil acts.

The UrbanWire

Jem and the Holograms:

A Hollow Gem

Movie review of musical fantasy film "Jem and the Holograms"


“Breaking Through” is yet another cheesy dance movie

Movie review of drama film

"Breaking Through"

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